Technical Finally up grading from 1.1 to 1.2 bottom end - I have a problem

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Technical Finally up grading from 1.1 to 1.2 bottom end - I have a problem

May 25, 2013
Hemel Hempstead
The mischief machine needs a boost....

I am finally upgrading my 1.1L Seicento 8V SPI engine to 1.2L 8V SPI Punto by swapping bottom ends.

However at some point Fiat did an upgrade to the system and the belt pitch changed (as well as the length)

I swapped over the top camshaft pulley and the water pump so they are OK

However the lower pulley and the belt do not fit

The lower pulley I have (part number 7766580) does not match the belt (see picture) - I need the part number for the correct pulley for this belt.

The correct belt is 15mm wide 104mm Outside diameter 129 teeth (I need the part number for this as it is a different pitch and a bit longer than my old 1.1 one - and it has no markings on it)

Can any of you wise people help me.....


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Posted in the mk1 Punto thread as well.....

Hi Folks

I am doing a 1.1 to 1.2 upgrade on my mischief machine. I have used the 1.1 head on the 1.2 body (the 1.1 head had been ported and has a 270 degree fast road cam in it.

However I have hit a snag.

The 1.2 engine came without a bottom pulley and to match the belt (CT999) I have i need a 8 pitch pully - all I have is a 9.5 pitch pulley.

Does anyone have a spare 8 pitch pulley or does anyone know the part number for a longer belt.

The 1.1 belt is 90mm long it seems the 1.2 belt is 140mm long.

So to summarise

I either need to get an 8 pitch drive pulley OR a 9.5pitch belt 140mm long

Can anyone help ?