Styling Lowering / what spacers do I get?

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Styling Lowering / what spacers do I get?


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Aug 1, 2023
Hi all,

I’ve a Seicento SX, I’m planning on lowering it by 35mm, and fitting gas shocks all round, does anyone have any pics so I have an idea how it would look?

Also is it worth fitting gas shocks or should I stick with oil ones? The car is used daily but does like to roll round corners!

Lastly, what spacers would you recommend? Don’t want the car to look much different to standard but would like it to sit nicer and improve handling. Car has Cinq sporting alloys fitted.

Bonus for pics!!
Hi Matt

I just checked as its been a while, the SX is 20mm higher than the sporting so look carefully at the quoted specs of the springs. So if the springs lower a sporting 35mm it will lower an sx 55mm.

I dont think the gas shocks make a noticable difference compared to new standard shocks but work getting some quality Bilsteins which are usually gas filled. New shocks on a 20 yr old car do make a nice improvement though.

10mm spacers give a subtle stance but if you buy steel ones keep in mind that the spacers and longer bolts will increase weight (unsprung weight at that). The great thing about the OEM sporting wheels is they are pretty lightweight compared to some wheels. I added up the steel spacers, bolts and heavier alloys i have and the 4 wheels weighed as much as 5 OEM wheels!

Try and get aluminium spacers and only hubcentric type
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