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Help me Decide.......

May 1, 2004
Nr Maidstone, Kent
.......Right ive got the choice to do

Driving round a a instructored car and then single seater

Off Roading...........Self explanitory i think

Rally Driving.........Again fairly self explanitory

I can choose 2 out of the which ones do you reckon i should do?

I'm down in Kent now & again if you ever want to try the Panda 4x4 we'll meet up :)


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Matt, im guessing these are all at Brands?

i did the circuit one in october for my 21st and loved it :D you dont spend a massive amount of time behind the wheel in total, but the experience is worth it. and the other recomendation i was given was the rallying, supposed to be damn good fun (y)
Hello matt ive done that off road track racing i belonged to Cardiff & district Auto grass so been there worn the tea shirt BUT Ive always wanted to drive BTCC or single seater its your choice but that would be mine {JAMMY GIT] :p :D Im think of rejoining Cardiff & district Ille go to some of their race days see if any of the old crowd are still around once again Matt you jammy git :D
Andy_sx said:
Matt, im guessing these are all at Brands?

Either Brands or Oulton Park..........currently thinking doing the circuit stuff at Brands, and rallying at Oulton Park........pure because at brands the rally car you drive is a 206, where at oulton you get to play in a rear wheel drive competition spec escort cossie:slayer:
So tell us then is this a birthday pressy from your parents or are you spending your Stilo fund hope its not the latter (n) that will mean you will have to catch up then with Stilo Mods ;) :p :devil:
i did catherham driving at oulton park which was ace, lapped the single seaters as well!(y)

the single seaters look quite cool but i dont think they're that fast, 90mph iirc... the rallying looked good tho. if you do go for the single seaters, remember to giv it some because the group that were there when i was, were sooooo slow!
activematt said:
It was very nice of them yeah.....didnt expect anything like that, they also got me a cake in the shape of a pair of breasts, with 21 candles!

No jobs going tho im afraid mate

Any cake going?
Brands is a great circuit to drive the single seaters around :D

they are limited to 95, but when you are in them it feels a whole lot faster as there is almost no suspension travel and youre backside is on the deck. you bounce about the lot. absolutely blinding fun, and has given me even more incentive to get my racing liscence sorted and get out there. as Moogs said i think it was you do get stuck if you are in a big group as you are heavily restricted to where you can overtake and how, and if you go out last like i did yet have the balls to go thro the corners quicker you get held up. i ended up going a bit banzai in places, but the marshals let me and a couple of others off as the whole group (11 cars for us) was stuck behind one slow driver. was great fun carving thro that lot. hang back a lil in the corner then boot it earlier than everyone else and shoot past a few at a time. well worth it imo, would do it all over again. the meganee 225 was pretty damn handy aswell, just felt no where near as planted as my bravo through the corners, feels like its sliding all the time.

from what ive heard the 206's arent too shady at all, but i gotta agree, the escort cossie rally spec would be to die for and worth the trip.

do both and you wont regret it mate