Technical headlight alignment, horizontal, side to side

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Technical headlight alignment, horizontal, side to side


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Nov 20, 2021
My 52 plate punto has slightly `cross eyed` headlights: as you drive away from a wall the `tick up` onthe left moves across until, at about 30ft, both tick ups overlap. This has probably been so for years and has never troubled MOT, so it`s not really a big deal but I would prefer to adjust, which SHOULD be straightforward? However, the LH unit (which is misaligned) has 2 whte knurled knobs on upper surface, one about central the other close to the wing - both of which seem to adjust vertically only. I assume one has seized and, being unable to move in correct direction, can only force unit upwards? Does anybody know which of these knobs should do what. H, V etc? The Haynes has no info other than "take to a garage" - not even a diagram to get an approx setting!
As I said, it`s not the end of the world but I prefer to have things right.
Thanks in anticipation.

* All bulbs are seated correctly and the levelling system is 100% both sides