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green shoelaces...

MintySport said:
u on about the real sort or the absolutely gorgeous sugar coated ones from asda? (y) :yum:

the green ones are yummy but dont thread thru very easily and u cant tie a knot in em !!!;)
ive sum fat pink ones in my vans they do every colur under the sun n their well wide, their swoosh yeah skate shop or shoe shop
hell yeah i got sum puma trainers there last time i went (y) my mums a nightmare there tho i remember once asking her 2 get me q quicksilver hoody n she came bak with a bright yellow thing with this hue kinda pouch/pocket thing on the front:eek: i looked like a kangeroo :(
i need green dunks got funky laces...stan smiths are boring (but still my fave trainers ever :D)

more where them came from...

from the top...

tatty stan smiths,nike dunks,puma speed cats,fred perry velcro's,adidas sambas,puma rostro velcrostrap,nike rifts, stan smiths

another pair of adidas trainers some where :eek:

nike rifts are great for summer :cool: speed cats are great for driving (made by sparco) :D sambas...easily the greatest football trainer in the world, if you dont own some GO GET SOME!

p.s - i am not a girl... that will be all thankyou please :)
nice collection there charlie... but... you need more!
some black stan smiths coming on payday (new work shoes:p) and maybe some new nike rifts in black :chin:

then some of them old skool dunlops. thing is i want one velcro and one lace up :p i like to be different :D
so you have 2 pairs of these "stan smith" thingys :chin:

WHY :nutter:

i have 3 pairs of trainers, some boots and my work shoes! 'tis all you need :D