does tan leather make green paint ok?

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does tan leather make green paint ok?

how did you earn it?!
asking nicely can get you almost anything in life.
you only resort to hax if that fails.

maybe knowing your full name was payment. but i never got like for like pics :p (hint hint) :ROFLMAO:

one day they will make a camera with enough megapixels to capture all of the beast in one snap; until then you will just have to imagine.
we all know green cars are the scum of the earth and shouldnt be allowed, yet for some reason i've always liked dark green as long as it comes with tan leather.

should i be beaten, or do i have a point? :confused:

Im not to sure on the green but people will say thats "British Racing Green"
Id find it anoying and I think "British Racing Green" is an over rated colour.
Im not to sure on the green but people will say thats "British Racing Green"
yes they will, and then i will slap them and point out it is metallic so it cant be BRG. that alone is possibly a good enough reason to buy it :chin:
it suits the alfa (y)

not to sure on other cars though :rolleyes:

I guess you've never seen a BRG Aston Martin/ Jaguar with tan leather then ;)

BRG is cool :cool: My first car was a 1979 Vauxhall Cavalier in, um, Bright Green (that was it's official Vauxhall name - Bright Green/ Pistache). It was almost lime green and I liked it. Especially as it almost matched my Kawasaki GPz550 that was in Kawasaki racing green :cool: :cool: :cool:
My girlfriend drives a Mazda 2 Bright green like this;

The colour is fantastic and unique it really turns heads.

By the way If you know anyone who owns a Mazda 2 there is a problem with rear wheel bearings failing every 5000miles. Mazda have only just acknowledged the fault we have known for about 7 months and had 3 sets of bearings.

Also on ours I think the fuel pump is on its way out too because there is sometimes a loud constant high pitched squeal from the left side of the petrol tank. That’s getting looked at tomorrow.

Apart from that it’s a great little car.

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cars i find okay in green :cool:




there are a few others but i cba to find more pics :rolleyes::p
My first car was green, it wasn't just green it was GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN
Our MGB was BRG from new, it has black trim and black leather seats with white piping. I did re-spray it Mazda Astro purple in the 70s and it looked quite good in a big hair and platform soles sort of way. It went back to BRG in 1997. I actually dont like tan leather in a BRG car. The purple was a metallic and was sprayed at the lowest possible pressure to come out very dark. BRG covers a lot of ground from dark forest green all the way to nearly black. Ours is quite dark which contrasts with the sliver wire wheels . The downside is that it's almost invisible in a country lane at dusk so the headlights have to go on promptly. I think Italian cars look silly in green. Lots of pics in my gallery
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