getting a personal reg onto another car, are you in trade with same problem

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getting a personal reg onto another car, are you in trade with same problem

Dec 10, 2006
wilmslow, cheshire
mrs has sold her MGZR and bought a Pug 308, on the ZR she had a personal reg and we did the retention thing via dvla website, within a day this allowed her MG to go back to its original plates and that car is now sold.

now, when we got the retention we straight away applied to transfer it to her new car, that was thursday last week.

as of today, while the dvla website shows the car to be correct, - AND we have had the reg document back in her personal reg, trying to insure it is proving to be a pain

reason is, when you go to type in the reg of the car, the insurance car database isnt showing it

also, using a service such as shows it still to be an MGZR, but its colour and engine type has changed to her new car!

anyone in the trade on here, know why it seems to take so long?

she just wants to get motoring, the othe rproblem is the insurers [and dvla] are not taking phone calls!

Because you have 6 months to put the plate on the car it’s perfectly acceptable to insure the car on the old plate then just phone up the insurance co and inform them of the plate change, I’ve done this many times in the past and never been charged. The only exception being when I bought a brand new car and the dealership did the plate change, at that time I had to phone the insurance company and change the details of the car and not the plate, I was already insured on the plate but at that time the car didn’t exists. The insurance co still didn’t have a problem and the premium went down
How did it get sorted? DVLA magic(?) or did you have to chase it?

wasnt possible to chase it, dvla arent taking calls in that department, and they are impossible to contact online

we just had to sit and wait, checking the car checking websites until the reg showed up as the correct car, then at the same time it was then showing on the insurance sites so we were able to insure it.

for an online service via dvla, its terrible. but its done now which is the end result we wanted.
Goodness help us when DVLA screw up but wont accept there's a problem. Though of course that can't happen. Cant it?