Forum Car Stickers Upate - Please read!!!

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Forum Car Stickers Upate - Please read!!!

Oct 25, 2003
I am looking into getting some official car stickers made.

Unfortunately these wont be free, they will be at cost of manufacturing and postage. Any money that exceeds the cost will be donated straight to the forum.

Before I do so, I want to see how many people are interested in buying these and the quantity. I will then conctact the company and get a price. I want to get these in before the events this year.
Re: Forum Car Stickers

Hell yes i will have some not sure wether inside or out at the mo cos thinking of tints and then it will be out (y)

Just a note sam H is payin a visit are u comin to :D
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I'll have one Sammi. White. :D

Some possible useful information:

You might like to try HolloGraphics ( Their quite cheap and can produce ones like these and quite low cost. Just email for quote.

The ones pictured in the Astra (first picture) were £80 for 40 and are 50x420mm on clear vinyl and can be easily removed. The big ones (in the punto - second picture) were quite abit dearer but are individual lettering (so there is no clear surround - harder to remove? - but look nicer) these were around £100 for 30 (800mm x 150mm). Both are internal applications.


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Re: Forum Car Stickers

Just thought of this doesnt the law stipulate that rear vision must not be obscured wouldnt we then be limited to the size of the forum sticker [turboned] please comment :confused:
Re: Forum Car Stickers

The Negotiator said:
No that's fine, think of vans without rear windows :)

I only mentioned this because years ago people used to stick flags with holiday destinations on rear wind screen and i knew someone that had to remove them :D