For those that could spare a thought for my grandfathers recovery!!!

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For those that could spare a thought for my grandfathers recovery!!!

Stilo Alian

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Mar 4, 2004
Dublin, Ireland.
Hi all Unfortionatly I have had a dreadful week end due to my grandfather being involved in a very serious accident on saturday morning ! At the moment he is still in ICU as he has some swelling on the brain and fluid on the lung. He seems to be improving slightly since saturday but he is not yet in the clear. So i would like to ask anyone that could spare a thought for him over the next few crucial days to please do so as I think every prayer does help him. I have attached some pics to show you the extent of the damage!!!

He was thown from the car when it hit the pole




Bloody hell, any idea how it happened?

Hope he recovers quickly.
:eek: He must have hit it at a fair clop! Hope he's back on his feet soon!
sammiboo said:
did his seatbelt snap if he was thrown from the car :eek:

This is the sortof funny part the seatbelt clip had broken so he went to the scrapie in town as we live on a farm it is about a 25km drive this happend on his way back home to go and fit the new part a witness said he swerved to avoid something but he could not see who or what it was he then mounted the pavement and ended up hitting the lamp post the wittness then said that he was flung from the back of the car around the point of impact the detectives at the scene have said that that him being flung out of the car could have been what saved his life as he would probly have been killed if he was held in by his seatbelt!!! How true this is we will never know but He is extreamly lucky to get out without a single broken bone :eek: We were told this happend because he was knocked out and must have been fairly limp when he fell out???