This tutorial should help guide you for two objectives:-
  • Removing the door card from a 5dr Punto Evo
  • Replacing the manual window regulator from the rear door
This guide demo's the procedure for a Punto Evo, though likely to be the same for Grande Punto too.

I am a former IT Support and now a Web Developer guy and don't have any background in car repair, so as you can tell if I can do it, you can too.

A dealer would normally charge close to £200 per door for what I'm about to show you. You can do this yourself for £25 with free postage (based on my experience, you may acquire the same part for slightly more or less).

What you need:
  • Socket & Allen wrench set (one of those screwdrivers with interchangeable heads is more than ideal)
  • A plastic wedge of some kind. (metal will just scratch your panels & paint). Google "Plastic Car Interior Trim Clip Pry Tool Kit" to see what I'm on about. I got lent a set like these, but they're not expensive to buy.
  • Window Regulator for the left or right side. They're both different so get the right one. FIAT PART NO. 51723323 (right side).
  • Ideally two people. The other person is there to hold the glass in case it falls and for a second opinion. I used my wife.

  1. Unscrew the screws circled below.
  2. Use a plastic trim prying tool around the perimeter of the door card which will begin to release from the door chassis.
  3. The door card will now be hanging from the very top where it hooks onto the door chassis, just lift upwards to remove.
  4. The door card will still have attached the wire for the door handle. I'm sure there's a way to remove this, however I just sat it on my son's tricycle so it wasn't left dangling and to prevent the wire from being damaged.
  5. You'll see that the inner workings of the door are hidden away by a white sheet which is attached to the door using some really strong glue. I used the same plastic trim prying tool to just go around the edge to separate it from the door. Unfortunately, you will tear it.
    Oh, remove the black bracket shown in the picture below too.
  6. Cool, with that out of the way we can now see the interior of the door.
  7. Remove the 4 screws holding the window regulator in place. 2x for the winder and 2x for the regulator. Use the new regulator for reference.
  8. At the bottom of the glass there's a special hole about the size of a penny for the regulator to go through. Unclip the orange clip to release the glass. You should then be able to detach the glass from the orange clip by sliding it slightly forward (don't bend the glass otherwise you'll be visiting A&E and Autoglass).
  9. With the glass free from the regulator you should then be able to swap it out with the new one.
  10. Screw it back in and test it works by putting back in the winder (don't properly reattach just yet).
  11. Piece everything back together in reverse of the above.