Dual coil sub wiring question

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Dual coil sub wiring question

Jan 16, 2015
Tipperary, Eire
Hey All,

I'm putting together a nice Panda 169 for my son to learn to drive in.
Have already fitted an Alfa 159 head unit with Bluetooth thingy into the aux / CD.
This is a good upgrade over the weedy original radio.
I picked up a Bose sub that fits into the spare wheel. It has a dual coil driver of 2.5 Ohms each.
I will be using a 2 x 100W amp that can be bridged.
What is the best option?
1) Drive each coil separately using both channels of the amp - I fear each amp channel may not handle 2.5 Ohms
2) Bridge the amp and put the coils in series at 5 Ohms.

What do you think?

Thanks, Dave


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Bridging the amp will make it "see" half the impedance (thats where the extra power comes from), so it won't really make any difference.
Rumour has it that stereo signal is usually mixed down to mono below ~80hz anyway, so there should be no risk of the two coils "fighting eachother".