Stereo wiring for 2013 Panda Mk.4

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Stereo wiring for 2013 Panda Mk.4


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Apr 16, 2023
I have a 2013 Mk.4 Panda and am trying to replace the stereo as the cd player has died. The replacement is a pioneer SPH-10BT. I can't get the new stereo to power on.

The pioneer has wiring to the ISO in what I gather are standard colours - red for ignition, black for earth, yellow for the battery, blue for antenna. However on the car side there is blue, yellow, black and orange/green. I've moved the pins around so its blue to blue, yellow to yellow, black to black, and red to orange/green, but nothing is happening.

I'd be very grateful for any advice on what I'm doing wrong. Many thanks.
I fitted the sph-20dab to mine and had no issues with wiring, everything was plug and play.

Are you fitting a steering wheel interface? And have you checked the fuse for the radio? Both car side and the 10A micro fuse on the back of the unit?
That’s really useful Thankyou, it’s good to know it should work in theory. The fuse on the unit is fine, and I’m assuming car side also is as, other than the cd player, the old radio still works. I’m not putting in steering controls as the old one didn’t have them so there is no provision for them on the wheel. I think I’ll take another run at it tomorrow if I can but dig out a multimeter to see where power is going. Thanks again.
Just checking as when I have fitted these in the past, there has been a canbus module which may or may not be required in your case.

I could be wrong here but on the Alfa’s I had these weren’t as the old perm live/switched live etc.

I’m due to dig mine out at the weekend so I can try and take a snap of the layout of mine