Panda 2018 factory stereo wiring

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Panda 2018 factory stereo wiring


Sep 28, 2010
I have a 2018 Fiat Panda City Cross, with the Delphi F139BT radio (the one with the orange LCD fascia). The sound quality is already surprisingly good, but I am trying to fit a small active subwoofer.

Hoping one of you people can help me out with the wiring through. I think I’ve cracked most of the wires (OK, I only need about three!) but I would ideally like a situation where the power to the sub is turned on when you switch the radio on.

This is the wiring, I reckon, though I may even be wrong...

So I think I want to use either:

The “AUT. ANT.” connection in the second row of the top connector
The switch-symbol connector which is second in in the bottom row of the bottom connector (between “AF-L” and “DATA-IN”
The switch symbol with is fifth in in the middle row of the bottom connector (just under “BOOSTER”)

…or something else.

Oh, and also, are the RC-A and RC-B terminals in the bottom connector line-level outputs, or inputs, by any chance?

Thanks, and all suggestions gratefully received