Fiat Bravo 2007 Subwoofer connector wires help

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Fiat Bravo 2007 Subwoofer connector wires help


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Apr 7, 2021
Hi forum people :D

I'm working on upgrading factory woofer in the fiat bravo 2007. So i bought amplifier and woofer, high to low input conversion box, power cable is already carried from battery to trunk...

I have a question since this is imposible to find by googling it, i have located main connector that is going in the factory woofer and amp, if i unplug it all speakers die and there is no sound, so i need wiring diagram or someone who knows to tell me which wires that are going to this connect are left speaker +-, right speaker +-, and remote 12v, i need those cables to plug them in high to low input converter box so that i can connect it to aftermarket woofer :)

So please if someone can help me out with these wires i promise i will create detailed thread how to connect aftermarket amp and sub with pics :D Thanks all


  • RCA input.jpg
    RCA input.jpg
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This has been resolved, if anyone needs information how to hook up external subwoofer and amp in fiat bravo 2007, please PM me :)

Topic can be closed, thanks.