Technical Cylinder 1 missfire and check engine light on

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Technical Cylinder 1 missfire and check engine light on


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Nov 20, 2023
Hi I recently purchased a fiat grande punto and after buying it the check engine light came on. Got the spark plugs swapped and it went off then came back on after a couple days. Then a few days after that its come on again. Took it to a garage and had the coil and leads swapped but again having the same issue of it come back. When on the obd scanner it said cylinder one missfire and random missfire. Has anyone had similar issues and how to fix!
If the garage changed the coil pack (1..or 2?)

It was obviously faulty,

So. Plugs, leads and coils all new..

There are other potentials for misfire

Which engine is this?
Changed 1 and the 1.4 litre from 09 punto grande active 8v
The liquid that gets poured in the petrol tank wouldn't clean the jet in many cases. So it could be still partly blocked or faulty, same difference anyways.
Oh right I will have a look into it being blocked too thank you👍