Check your speeding points online

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Check your speeding points online

Jun 29, 2003
Hereford, United Kingdom.
I found this site I thought you might be interested in.

You are legally obliged to look at this site to see if you are on any speed cameras though-out the UK, apparently you only get speeding tickets if you continually offend, if you speed once then you should be ok, the government only fine you if you are a persistent offender, so if the camera flashes at you, you may not get a ticket.

Take a look at this link

Enter your vehicle reg number, if your details appear you can then look at the speed camera photo.

To log in just press the 'need a login' to the right of the user name and password.
I did this and thought WTF I was no where near there at that time :p and also ive noticed that everytime I click on a link the computer picks up a virus in fact there were 300 there this morning when my oldest lad checked it over :eek: so no link clicking for me I think :(