Styling Can I fit 18" alloys ?

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Styling Can I fit 18" alloys ?


Aug 6, 2004
hello all, looking for some help on a couple of bits please.

First, will 18's fit onto my 5dr stilo, without any arch work?? (I very much dout it, but heres to wishful thinking!)

secondly, how low can you go? what would be your suggestion and which springs would you recomend?

Cheers peeps,
re: Can I fit 18" alloys ?

18's are no archwork what so ever. Ive got a 50/40 drop on Cobra springs with 17's and i have no clearance probs, so im sure you could do that with 18's with the right profile choice of tyres, probably around a 30-35 profile would do it

All depends on how much practicallity you want, or how smooth a ride you want
re: Can I fit 18" alloys ?

I posted a pic up a while ago of a Stilo with 23" wheels IIRC. Couldn't see any major work done to the arches when I took the pic. Couldn't get very close to it though.
re: Can I fit 18" alloys ?

Cheers chaps, deffo going for the 18s then, just got to decide on springs now.

I want to go as low as possible, obvicously without any scrubbing, and still being able to get full lock.
re: Can I fit 18" alloys ?

I think there's a user on here who fas a 80 or 100mm drop... :eek:

You'll easily get away with a 60mm drop on 18's. Just make sure your wheels aren't too wide and have the correct offset.;)