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Nov 13, 2007
Nth Lincs
As I am replacing all four of my suspension arm bushes is Shop4Parts a good place to buy them from or is there a better deal to be had ?
Dont rule out your local dealer, dont fogret you have postage to pay from shop4parts and someimes there is only a matter of pence between the two
One of my local dealers was trying to tell me there are only two bushes on the rear suspension arm in total,so I wasn't to sure about him. His is price is £8.82 + vat per bush.
As said, only 2 per side, so thats ok.

If the factor price is that, seem a lot. Try shop4parts...remember we get 10%...check the forum.

Still after shipping i bet there is little in it.

A better option and not much more than you factor is HERE!!!!

I have used this seller, for both front and rear kits.

Great prices and hopefully never have to change them again.

Don't you need a hydraulic press to fit OEM rear bushes?

I bought some powerflex ones for (i think) £45 a set from Mick aka Fluffy the Impaler from clubcento. These just push in.
The prices seem to differ alot. From £32.40 for the rubber type to £60.88 for powerflex. I know the powerflex are better but my funds are very tight :( after buying the Cinq for traveling to my new job.
remember, unless you have a press (or access to one), you will also have to pay someone to fit the rubber ones, so the cost of £32 is not all you will pay.

EDIT: also, you may have to renew your rear brake lines at the same time as they often break when you remove the rear arms.
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I can get to a press so that side of the job is not a problem,and hopefully my brake pipes won't be a problem as they look fairly new an have no corrosion on them. It's the bleed valves I'm more worried about but I intend to spray all bits with releasing fluid a few days befor I start.