Technical Boot light and 3rd brake light.

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Technical Boot light and 3rd brake light.


Jun 23, 2007
One thing I hate is poor lighting. Does anyone else think the standard 501 bulb is enough to light up the Stilo's boot? I certainly don't! Well I bought some more 501 bulb holders and planned to fit white LEDs in there.

Now heres the problem: Engine off, the LEDs jus flicker very dimly. Engine on, the LEDs power up at full brightness. Does anyone know how what could be done to get around this? Or has anyone "upgraded" their boot lighting?

Another problem, to me anyway. Two "slots" in the 3rd brake light are no longer working. Call me weird but I love symmetry and I desperately want it fixed. I don't want to pull everything apart "just to have a look". Does anyone know if the LEDs in the 3rd brake light are replaceable and if so with what kind, or would I need a whole new unit?

Any info appreciated. Thanks. Joe.
The LEDs have not been wired in as of yet but I planned to run them off the wiring from the original boot light. I tested it first by plugging an LED 501 in to the original boot light and was disappointed by the outcome... :(
I don't know how to get around it. I've tried the original boot light with a number of different type of LEDs, single ones, quad ones, High powered one, they all have the same effect. Maybe i'll just wire them all up and will see what happens...

Any advice on the third brake light? Anyone???
There's a diode actually in the wiring to the boot light to limit power drawn in the event of short circuit to reduce risk of fire or flat battery if the light remains on. That's probably what you're experiencing
Is there any way possible to get around the diode? I'm only going to use LED's to light up the boot so power drain will be minimal anyway.
You'd have to get into the boot light wiring and remove the diode from the circuit but i can't say whether that's going to be a good idea or whether it will affect anything else. It's there to stop reverse currents getting back up to the body computer and removing it could be an expensive mistake

Use a torch:)
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