Tuning Larger brake discs on Stilo 1.6

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Tuning Larger brake discs on Stilo 1.6


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Nov 22, 2023
Hey guys,

I'm an owner of a 1.6 red Stilo hatchback. I enjoy the car a lot, it's very economical with LPG and the sky roof is awesome.
So I've been tinkering with the car, fixing things here and there. Recently I read in this forum that you can install larger brake disks from an Alpha. In my view having better breaking is never a bad thing, but I'd still like to ask you guys: are there any issues when using non-stock brake disks? Will this mess up with the ABS etc.
From my understanding everything on newer cars is computerized so if you change the induction kit etc. this would mess with the ECU unless you tune it properly. Does this apply for brakes also?
you'd likely have to fit uprated brake calliper's along with the discs and then it gets costly, on a 1.6 I doubt it would make that much of a difference unless you're putting it on a track. you'd be better just getting some performance pads instead
I understand that the Discs and Caliper carriers from the 1.9 turbo diesel or Abarth are larger, maybe different calipers as well, which should fit easily. Possibly/probably larger discs, carriers and calipers of of one of the Alfas should fit, and would be easier/cheaper to get from a breaker. Otherwise yes, it would be an expensive business especially in respect to the value of a Stilo.

It's worth noting that different make/quality Pads will certainly make a noticeable difference in braking, IMHO far more so than changing the discs. Although pretty looking discs with holes etc do look sporty :rolleyes:.