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Re: Project Fallout

Ok, Fallout is pretty good!

new winter tyres are on, huge difference in grip and stopping! so much better.

one issue i do have to try to figure out is the excessive fuel consumption.. i am not sure why but man i am getting down fuel quick. a full tank almost lasted me a month last year got to work and back, now its lasting about 2 to 3 weeks before needing to be refilled.

it also smells like its running really rich and hesitating to accelerate too. wonder if i have some vacuum leaks about.. it was fine on the old pump but i dont think it likes this new one so much.. it pumps such high volume of fuel through the fuel rail i dont think it gets chance to bleed all the excess pressure off.

i may have to do some kind of loop back system on the fuel pump to drop its pressure and volume down a bit. i know the thin return line is also causing a bit of pressure build up.

will have a play and report back.. i want to change the fuel filter anyway... the paper has actually been ripped away inside the filter the flow rate is that high. thankfully i run 2 filters, the other being designed for high flow fuel so any paper bits should have been caught in that.

heres a few pictures i never uploaded when in for MOT. yes i did send it in for an MOT with a smashed side window.. yes the glass was still smashed all inside the car.. yes it STILL is all smashed all inside the car...

I umm.. also added more light bars... they were on offer and i had points that needed to be spent before they ran out..

Till next time!
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Re: Project Fallout

on my p75 swap I ran a uno turbo pump, which is inline electric jobbie and the uno also has a little inline pre pump filter i stuck just before it. I did also change all the fuel lines but it was really cheap and easy tbf. There was probably pics in my old thread of what i used but it was all 8mm ID to and from the tank to the front with the pump mounted where the original coil would normally be mounted. It has been running totally fine since. Don't over complicate it lol
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