Footwell lights: useful, practical, look good.
Wiring them to switch with the interior light: much more practical. :)

What You'll Need:

  • 12v LED strips (just search for them on eBay - you can get 2 for less than £3)
  • Wire (2-core; about 3 metres)
  • Soldering stuff
  • Sticky pads/double sided tape
  • Basic tools - screwdrivers, pliers, you get the idea
Getting Access

You'll need to get to the wires behind the interior light and behind the A pillar. Both of these are really easy to get to. The light just pulls out; there's a slight indent on one side to make this easier.


Similarly the covering over the A pillar is only held on by 3 plastic clips and just pulls away from the bodywork.


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