This guide will show you how to install reversing sensors in your Punto Mk2. I imagine the process will be broadly similar for other Puntos, but everything in this guide relates to my 1.2L 8V Punto Active Mk2.

What You're Going to Need:

  • Reversing sensors kit
    I got this one: - It was less than £15 delivered and they have a huge range of colours (note: "Reflex/Essence Silver" is a perfect match for a standard grey Punto)
  • The tools from your spare wheel kit
  • 8mm socket + wrench/handle
  • T30 Torx screwdriver/wrench
  • Pliers/snippers
  • Cable ties
  • Soldering stuff
    (optional, but recommended)
  • Electrical tape
  • Drill
    (the kit linked above includes the right drill bit)
  • About 3-4 hours and a boat load of patience
The sensor kit included above includes a main control box, 4 sensors, power cable, alarm buzzer, adhesive pads for everything, a 21mm drill bit, instructions (good luck with these!) and brackets to adjust the angle of the sensors.


Heads up warning - throughout this guide, be prepared for over-zealous use of cable ties, and excessive red arrows in images ;)