Tools needed

socket set and 10mm spark plug socket (also know as 16mm across flats)
long nose pliers can be handy

and ideally
carpenters pincers or end cutters
a 20-25mm jublie (worm drive) clip to replace clip on breather pipe to make life easy
a small torque wrench (capable of 16Nm) and fitting spark plug socket

4x spark plugs Fiat part # 0055190788

also the car been cold is a good idea....

First off ensure the car is turned off (Electric shock risk from HT leads)

Firstly you need to remove the air box

you need a 10mm socket Undo the 2 nuts one either side of the air box..

Next pull the air inlet tube out of its rubber mounting...
the air box is now almost free.

pull it off the back rubber mount and ease it away

pull off the smaller breather pipe then use the carpenters pliers to unhook the OEM hose clip off the rocker box breather pipe and pull off... (i have already replaced my breather so mine is held on with jubilee clips)

now the air box is out of the way (might be worth changing the air filter at this point ;) )

you have now exposed the spark plugs (well as exposed as your going to get them)


Do one at a time this way you don't mix up the HT leads saying that they are numbered

you need to pull the HT cap off (by the grip/cap don't be tempted to pull on the wire)

if you have an air line or a small paint brush it makes sense to clean the area round the plug at this point to prevent any debris from falling into the engine.

next insert your plug socket using an extension bar now use the ratchet to unscrew them keeping it square on the plug undo Anti-Clockwise... (they can be a tight fit)

once unscrewed you should be able to withdraw it with the socket if you have lost the rubber this is where the long nose pliers come in handy ;)

next unpack you new shiny plug give it a visual check for damage (OEM Fiat plugs come Pre gapped) and pop it into your spark plug socket squarely

remove ratchet and wind it in by hand very carefully make absolutely sure it is not cross threaded.... And that you keep the ratchet bar straight in line with the plug or you can damage the spark plug

Now if you have a torque wrench set it to 16 Newton Metres (Nm) and nip it up

if not get it as tight as you can by hand on the extension bar then add 1/2 a turn with the ratchet

refit the HT cap by pushing it back on and do the remaining 3 in the same way

refit the air box and any other bits you have removed

(found removing the dipstick made doing cylinder 1 easy and a couple of HT leads from the coil pack doing the middle 2 make life easier)

next take the car for a run to make sure everything is ok