I recently posted some stuff on jacking and axle stand use in the thread "What's needed to run Multiecuscan" and several people "liked" it and Herts Hillhopper said he thought it should be moved to the guides section. I took another look at it but decided it was somewhat lacking and decided to do this here instead.

Before I start here's the usual disclaimer: This post is intended primarily to make people think about staying safe when raising and supporting their car. Hopefully it'll also be of use to those who are less experienced and with little training in this area. It's not intended as a definitive guide to be taken literally and in every situation because individual makes and models of car vary so much. In other words, if you are in any doubt at all about what you are going to do, then don't do it. NEVER EVER HAVE ANY PART OF YOUR BODY UNDER A VEHICLE SUPPORTED ONLY BY A JACK. If it falls on you it's a very nasty painful way to die!