right then this is best done on a nice sunny day as it softens the glue and its nicer polishing in the sun ;) but can be done in any weather really

the good news is the rear badges on a cento are glued no so now need to worry about holes being left.

  • a heat gun,hair dryer or a kettle of hot water.
  • a credit card,fishing wire,plastic spatula or the like(people have many methods so i wont list them all!)
  • some t cut style polish and/or white spirit
  • plenty of rags

so lets remove the badges

right i recommend you focus on one badge at a time here untill they are all removed.
so apply a little heat to the badge,if using a heat gun be careful not to overheat the paint!
if you are using hot water then just pour it over the badge and give it a few seconds for the heat to transfer to the badges glue.
then work under the badge with whatever you are using eg fishing line,credit card etc and work along the glue.
do not use anything that will damage the paint such as a metal impliment
if it gets hard to reove the badge as you work along,just apply heat again and repeat the process

okay badge is off but what about all this black stuff???

right so you are left with a load of black glue.
apply some more heat and use a plastic scraper to remove what glue you can.
then apply your polish or white spirit to a rag and rub hard at the glue.
to be honest i prefer to use polish.
now this takes time so keep at it and use that elbow grease.
in the end it will come off.
you may find after a bit of polishing you will be able to scrape more off with the plastc scrapaer again.
once all the black stuff is off you will be left with a nice smooth ass :D

any problems?

well one or two

if the badges have been removed at some time they may have been re applied with a much harder adhesive.
this is a lot more work to remove,you may need to use chemicals or the likes of a toffee wheel.

now the big issue is paint fade. if your car has been in the sun a lot then the paint may be faded and when you debadge you will reveal unfaded paint.
this is really noticable on a heavily faded car.
T cut can help with mild fading but on a heavily faded car it will require painting really :(