1. halfords thermostat part no: HTK602 (for a 1990 1.0 litre Ford Fiesta)
  2. a spare cinq 1242 thermostat

now there seems to be a little variation in stats,see the link at the bottom of the article for the original thread.

note in the pic below the centre parts are removed from another 'stat
1st pic.jpg

okay so heres a breakdown of the 2 stats


  • A is the new thermostat which has been cut to get the guts out (God Bless the Dremel!)
  • 1 is the new stat spring
  • 2 is the old stat spring
  • X is the old stat innards
  • Y is the new stat innards
  • Housing - if you can't work that out......
  • Retainer - holds the innards and spring in. Just press and turn to remove.

NB:the old stat in this picture is an OE fiat one.

lets get the hands dirty

you will need to destroy the halfords stat to get the parts you need.
you need to cut the leg of the stat that holds it all in one piece.
this allows you to remove the cetre part you need.

on the fiat OE stat you should be able to dismantle it without damage

so use the the 1242 stat with the new stat innard (part Y above)and the old stat spring(part 2 above)
also place a small 'spacer' at the 'tip' of part Y is required.
fixitagaintommorrow used the head of a small self tapper(approx 2mm)removed with a dremel.
this can be placed in the locating hole for the pin so allowing the stat to actuate on the mechanism and open it sooner.

the spacer wasnt needed for aarons stat so there seems to be some variance in designs.
you may need to test them with/without spacer.

regardless once assembled the stat MUST be tested in water to check it opens and at what temp.
you dont want to put a stat in your engine thats sealed shut!
the spring needs opened slightly to fit.

once reassembled this should be the end result and left over bits.


original thread

its covered in the original thread but here is the instructions from fixits post on the GT rad switch.

okay so fixit fitted the Punto GT/turbodiesel fan switch as well the Punto GT/turbodiesel fan switch as well.it Goes on at 87'c off at 82'c, instead of 92'c and 87'c. Use the white and green terminals below:


You will need the plug from a GT /TD too, as the cinq one won't plug straight in
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