okay so you can probably do this job with the cinq on the ground but most likely its easier to jack it up and place it on axle stands(do not work under the car with just the jack supporting it!)

now in this guide we will cover the removal of the bumper and removing/replacing the bumper mounts as they tend to corrode quite badly.something to remeber as the towing eye is part of the N/S mount.

So for reference in sept 2005 the brackets were £5.90 for the O/S one and £8.50 for the N/S. The N/S is more expensive because it has the rear exhaust hanger attached to it.

now most of the bolts here will be corroded.
theres various methods of removal from a good soaking in pentrating oil,
heating with a blow torch and the angle grinder!

be aware if using the angle grinder or blow torch to take care considering how near you are to the fuel tank/lines.
also dont forget eye protection if grinding.

what you need:

  • underseal
  • new brackets(if replacing)
  • nuts and bolts to attach which will most likely be needed even with the old brackets
  • underseal
  • sockets 13mm ,maybe others depending on bolt head condition
  • eye protection
  • wire brush
  • wd40
  • grinder
  • blowtorch these last 3 depend on corrosion etc

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