Mystery coolant loss = DAMP Carpets :(

chances are you've got a leaky heater Matrix assembly (n)

I had these issues,
here is a brief run-through of the job..,

panda maint dec 13 029.jpg

Glove-box ; remove the 4 small TORX screws from the upper and lower corners of the glovebox surround, then the LARGE torx at the Upper REAR of the glovebox itself.

carefully bring the glovebox unit forward out of the dash = BEWARE the wiring to the Airbag switch will get in the way..:bang:


accessing Matrix panda maint dec 13 036.jpg

the matrix plumbing ( flow + return ),
runs in 2 rigid BLACK plastic tubes from the engine bay along the passenger footwell side of the heater box,
there are 3 x small GOLD coloured HEX headscrews ( 5.5MM) on a plastic panel shaped like a "XMAS Stocking" (look on ePER for a better view) !:worship:

there are electrics strapped to the back of it.. I left them alone - just removed 1 loom clip just above the matrix.. - you'll see !!:)

draining matrix :eek: panda maint dec 13 038.jpg

drain coolant from Radiator ( under bonnet) open bleed screw on hose behind airfilter,
and have the heater set to MAX / HOT,

the Matrix is bolted to the 2 x rigid tubes with a single 8MM Hex-head bolt - (you will see the captive nut ) on the mating flange,
remove bolt and swing the flange toward the LHS of the car - with a bowl underneath

if the rest of the system is pre-drained then only a cup full will come out of the Matrix union.

Removing matrix :) panda maint dec 13 035.jpg

this is the tricky part::(

I found that with the 3 x GOLD screws removed you can slide the matrix out ( like a cassette) for around 1/3 of it's length BUT the BLACK plastic Manifold part will catch in the fixing for the Lower DASH,

this is why I removed the Glovebox, as it aids the flexibility of the lower DASH area..,

I used a hand with a strong protective glove on to pull the lower dash Outwards - to REAR of car , as you slide out the Matrix from the heater box,
tilting it as it comes out = this is tricky AND you'll risk pinching the hand between the dash and the matrix = However the Matrix then withdraws enough to tilt further and access is no longer an issue (y)

an assistant "MAY" be helpful here..BUT access is limited( how many people can you fit in a FIAT footwell..??);)

the Matrix uses a rubber seal ( like an O-ring - but Flat) on each tube entry
be careful not to displace or damage the seal - hanging it on the tube is easier then tucking it into the manifold ( I dropped one from the manifold..) didn't notice until I'd bolted everything up..:bang:

this job was covered in a thread dated DEC 2013, other useful hints may be found in there,

i'll do a second GUIDE detailing the actual Dash-trim removal ( around the gear knob),
and Sills for lifting the carpets/ insulation

have fun,