Assembly is pretty much the reverse. When fitting new seals, its perfectly fine to lubricate them with some clean fresh brakes fluid. It make sit much easier :)

Lubricate the fluid seal and seat it in it's groove. Make sure it sits flush all the say a round as they have a tendency to twist. If it does, press it, or remove and refit it. Do not leave it, you'll never get the piston in, and if you do, it will leak!


Slip the boot over the end of the cylinder you'll be pressing back in, and leave the end overhanging. The trick here is to get the dust boot seated in the piston, while having the piston itself out of the bore. This is the only way to do it and its a pain. If the boot slips off the piston, start again!

Start by feeding the boot into the hardest to reach part of the bore, and work around. Once it all slips into place, press the piston to the mouth ot the bore, and it will keep it from slipping out :)

DSC00222.JPG DSC00223.JPG

Now we need to move the piston back in. Make sure is pointing straight, then either clamp it in a vise, or, do as I did and place a block of wood over the piston, and use two spanners to lever it in.

After forcing it back it should look like this:


If you bought a new nipple/valve, replace it now.....all the hard work and potentially damaging parts are over :) :

DSC00225.JPG DSC00228.JPG

Now push the new slide guides grease needed for this part...put that on the metal guides and internally of these! :


Job done (y)