The tools you will need are as follows:-
Trolley jack. Ramps or axle stands. Hub puller. Socket sets 1/2" aand 1/4" drive. Ring and open end spanners. Torx set. 6mm allen key. Torque wrench. Phillips and pozidrivers. Oil pan.Ball joint remover.
Angle grinder with slitting blade and a nut splitter (optional).

Complete clutch kit.
Gear oil 80W/90 EP.
Crankcase oil seal part no 71718365 (optional).
Gearbox main shaft oil seal part no 40004820 (optional)
Intermediate shaft oil seal part no 40004760 this should be replaced.
Clutch alignment tool. (can be made)
Liquid gasket.
Exhaust sealant.

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