Off with the old

First step is to pick a sunny day or a bright garage. Stick a brew on.
Drop both windows and bring seats forward.
At the back of the seats on the side of the second rib there are two steel wires, the grub screws need to be loosened and the wires pulled from the holes.
Just above them are two elasticated ribbons that need the pop rivets removed with a drill.
Undo both roof handles and flip the front part of the hood up.
the front and middle sections of the roof seals are either held in with rivets or screws, these must be removed from under the top lip from the outside.
Slide off all four seals.
Then lift the rear of the hood and lock in position with the two retaining hooks.
remove the rivets/screws from inside the lower window seals and slide the off in a downward motion. (these can be quite difficult)DSCF0038.JPG


Remove the rubber seal from the bottom of the hood.
Then remove all the screws that retain the two metal strips to the hood frame at front and back.
Slit the material that is glued to the two ribs then peel back all the roof material that is glued on to any framework.



The old hood should now peel off.
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