How to remove and refit rear hub/bearing assembly

Takes about 30mins, you will need a good jack, wheelbrace, breaker bar with 30mm socket, 12mm spanner, mug of tea. No swear words needed for this job, its simple!! Oh yes, a new bearing/hub assembly!!! [if you are replacing]

The offending wheel, round, and loose.

Jack up the rear arm, remove wheel.

Remove dust cap covering the nut, release the staking from the nut to allow it to turn. I left the drum bolt/pin attached to the hub at this point, I was told removal would be easier with the lack of a puller [which wasnt needed!]

Pull drum/hub off the stub axle, mine just slipped off easily.

Then I removed the pin and bolt, to seperate hub from drum.

Hubs old and new, worth checking at this point they are both exactly the same

Refit new hub to stub axle, replace the large washer, I had to reuse the old nut - which upon inspection was sound, due to the new nut having too large a thread.

Torque up the nut to 225Nm [or as specified], caution - its blimmin tight!! be careful.

Replace drum, screw back in the pin and bolt to secure.

Replace the dust cap

Apply handbrake and refit wheel


Overview: Really simple job, no hub puller needed, if you made a hot cup of tea at job start, it will now be ready to drink, job only takes a few mins. I dont have any problems with my handbrake cross levers [or whatever they are called, the things that sieze up], but I squirted it with some WD40 while the drum was off.

DIY RATING: You granny could do this job.

Thanks for viewing!