(y) So here we are again.

However this time its a bit fruitier than changing the fronts.

I hope you have a strong stomach as were operating on your Grande this time and its not pretty lol.


First off remove your parcel shelf


Remove the boot carpet (This just pulls out so dont be shy, give it a tug :eek: )


Tilt your front seats and lift the rear seating cushions.

Remove the torx screws with a TX45 socket (10mm torx bit) there are two as you look into the boot.


Then remove the three torx screws from the seat belts buckle mounts.


With all torx screws now removed prise each side of the seats lugs with a flathead screwdriver and lift the seat upwards.

They are spring loaded but easily moved so dont panic.:bang:


Remove the rear seat backrests from the car. These split into two and so remove very easily. Dont just stand there get em out!



Now remove the sound proofing carpet from the car.


Looks a bit bare now eh? Dont worry though it gets worse!

Remove the parcel shelf mounts. This is done by removing the two philips screws.


Once removed give it a good old tug towards you. Work your way around the mounting until you have removed it completely. The seatbelt is still runs through this so just leave it hanging loose.


Now you need to remove the seat belt mount from the side of the car.


Remove the two plastic retaining screws.


Remove the philips screw from the plastic trim.


Pop the plastic trim. Just give it a good tug towards you and work your way around the trim. You only need get it three quarters of the way off.


Now we can see the speaker.


Remove the cable from the speaker.

using a 5mm drill bit drill the top hat off the pop rivets.


Remove the speaker.


Using a 3mm drill bit, drill the remaining pop rivets from the panel.

Mark out the holes where your new speakers will lie and drill using a 4mm drill bit.

Cut the old plug off the cable speaker wire and wire in the new speakers spade connectors.

Connect the speaker lead to the speaker.

Offer the speaker up to the door and pop rivet the speaker inplace using long reach 3mm pop rivets.



Thats it daddyo, now push the black trim back into the body of the door and give it a good thump home.

Ensure the rubber door seals are over the trim. If there not just use a knife to prise them back over.

Attach the two screws to the parcel shelf plastic and tighten up half way. Then push the beige trim back into its locating holes.

Tighten up the parcel shelf mounts all the way now and thats it!!


If you have a sub remove the sub using a 5mm torx bit. There are three screws in all located down each hole within the sub. Once there removed unclip the power / speaker cable from the sub and place the sub somewhere safe.

The rest of the install is the same as above.



Thats your lot.

Should looks somthing along the lines of this!!!


your looking at about three hours to complete this task on average. Just take your time and all will be fine.:devil: :devil:

Oh and as always bin the old speakers they offend me:eek: