Well heres my first installation guide for the Bravo. Gone are the days of my Grande Guides lol!!!:eek:(y)

Anyways bought a kit from HID's direct. 6000k variety from HID direct


I recommend that you buy the 6000k variety. Very bright white light and not too blue as to get you pulled by the law every other night!:devil:

Right first of all you need to pop the bonnet and remove the rubber gromet to the rear of your light housing. This just pulls off and exposes the rear of the existing bulb and wiring.

Remove the yellow wire from the back of the bulb (this is positive). Next push and raise the retaining clip from the existing bulb.

Remove the bulb and put somewhere safe.

Remove the brown wire which is connected to the light housing just to the side of where the bulb was located. (This is your negative connection)

Now with your rubber grommets your going to want to fit your looms through with a good waterproof seal.

Cut a small hole in the middle of your grommet.

Push the HID loom through and secure with the rubber bung supplied with the loom.

Now we go back to the car and connect the red wire to the existing yellow (Spade connection), and the black to the brown wire.

Put the HID bulb into the light housing exactly the same as the previous bulb and secure with the metal retaining clip.

Replace the original rubber gromet back over the rear of the headlight.

You should now have a red and black wire with connectors hanging out from the rear of your headlight along with a dual connector (HID loom).

Take one of the supplied Ballasts and connect the dual connector making sure the black is lined up with the negative position on the ballast!!. Now connect the positive and negative to the correct wires to the rear of your headlight, making sure that they are secure.

Attach your ballast with bolts or zip ties to somewhere pretty in your engine bay!

Repeat for the opposite side.

Turn on your lights.

WOOOW there nice n bright eh.


Enjoy being able to finally see at night in your Bravo(y)