1. pull off the hub cap, there is a notch under the "500" for flat head screwdriver

2. loosen wheel nuts on front driver wheel using 17mm socket

3. lift car and support, chock up passenger rear wheel

4. remove wheel

5. undo multiple Philips head screws, pull out 1 plastic plug and unscrew 4 plastic nuts

6. remove plastic mud guard

7. unclip two plastic brackets holding air con pipe to gain a bit more working room

8. use 400mm long breaker bar with 13mm socket to turn the tensioner pulley bolt ANTICLOCKWISE to take tension off the belt

9. slip belt off the tensioner pulley first, then main drive pulley and then pull out completely; any other sequence will not work

10. put new belt in from the engine bay, make sure it is correctly sitting within the alternator pulley, leave it off the tensioner pulley only

11. get the breaker bar again, turn it anticlockwise and should be able to slip the belt on; if it doesn't want to go on, check the fitting on the alternator pulley (ask me how I know).

12. turn car on, ensuring handbrake is on, make sure belt moves correctly

13. reinstall all the bits you took off

This was my first attempt, took me 1.5 hours
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