Honda CRX 16v


So, now the Golf is dead, here's the new motor, a 1989 Honda CRX 1.6 16v.

Very very tidy condition with very little rust anywhere. Only rust ive seen is a teeny tiny bubble on drivers door and thats it :p

This car kicks ass :D Very quick, very comfortable, handles superb and looks gorgeous! Only downside is the exhaust :eek: to say its deafening would be an understatement :p. Dont believe me, ask ginner :D

Spec :
  • Honda Civic CRX 1989
  • 98k miles
  • 135-140hp
  • 15" alloys with 195/50 tyres
  • Front and rear strut braces
  • K&N air filter
  • Full custom stainless manifold-back system
Not quite sure what im doing about the exhaust at the moment but its not the end of the world. Neighbours hate it more than I do :p althought it is very very loud (n)

Just replaced the sparks and leads for nice Bosch super4 jobbies to cure a slight misfire when accelerating lightly. Seemed to have developed this problem on the drive home from Blackpool. Runs perfect now!

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