General where to buy - Fiat cinq sporting centre cap ?

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General where to buy - Fiat cinq sporting centre cap ?

Was sure these were cheaper than that, had a looksie at the EPR these are listed as £5.29!

Erm scrappy is the best bet, the normal black with Fiat written logo is used throughout the range.

About a couple of years ago I found that my local dealer did the red Abarth centre caps for about £20 which was cheaper than (a proper set) advertised on ebay at the time.

As YCMING mentioned above though most of the Ebay stuff ends up being a sticker.
has he killed it?

Not completely, but he has winged the little blighter. It was quite funny as he drove into my place of work I was standing chatting witha customer who happens to have a race and rally prep company (his son does rather well at Formula Ford racing).

He commented that the wee cinq was poorly as it chuffed past.(Thats the polite version)


i will i will, just uni taking up way too much time, at the moment...

Hopefully i can take it off for tomorrow as i have more time :). But good news, i'll nearly taken the head out of my other cinq :).