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Bravo (Classic) Wheels are on


After what seemed liked an eternity the alloys are on! Sadly, on a drive from Aberdeen to Banff I kinda blew a tyre. Changing to a spare was an event in itself, with a mates alfa being hit by some pug-driving ned who was tailgaiting him on approach to breakdown area. ****s. (I was stood at the side of the road trying to wave him in, silly mo fo still didn't see my mate indicate/brake)

Anyway, the Bravo finally (almost) has a set of alloys on her! :bang::bang:
That tyre must have been in a pretty bad condition to go like that.

Was the tyre legal to start with? Looks pretty worn.
Sorry to bother you but i'm new to forum. :confused:

Can you point me in best direction to get heklp with an alloy for my '99 punto?

Its failed MOT coz one alloy buckled, its a fiat wheel but not original to Punto. Its 15 x 6J and on back it has SPEEDLINE cast into it with a figure that looks like SL1378.

Do you know what they originally fitted to or how i find out, and where best place is to try and aquire one.

How do i upload a pic of what i want?


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