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Mar 19, 2005
The puntos head gasket has gone, im sure of it, just a few days after changing the thermostat to solve cold air problems etc, I get a temp warning light after being out for 10 mins

Im sure the headgaskets gone, how much should it cost to fix? 1.2 8V punto?

I think Im just gonna sell this tbh
probably is an airlock caused by the gasket being knackered, see, my dad thinks he could fit the HG, but the skimming but is the hard bit, plus I dont know if Id trust my dad doing such an important job, where can I get it skimmed?

I have no idea what to do
btw I should add, by the time I got it up the road it was really dying, and it wouldnt even start again, I dont know if this is a heat thing or what?:confused:
a local engineers shop will do the skim for about £30 new head gasket set with bolts is £25, then you got timing belt kit £15 then oil, filter and coolent new plugs, if your dad knows his way around an engine is a pretty easy job, an hour to take to bits an hour n half to clean and put back together
yeah that will be the head gasket alright. There are loads of places that head skim just do a search on googl or something. A skim should cost around £50.
Chris0288 said:
it just got a new timing belt and filters and plugs etc:(

then knock that of the list of what to get as long as you havnt done more than say 10,000 miles on the timing belt it will be alright and you do not have to get another one. Obviously you will need new oil and anti-freeze when re-assembling your car but you will not need an air filter. You should also be alright with the oil filter again if it hasnt done 10,000 miles as long as you fill it when putting it back on to prime the bored asap to risk damage (even though modern engines are that quick i still like to do this as a precaution) So... you could in effect do the job for around £70 - but as dave said are you sure that isnt an air lock?
well if it is an airlock Im not sure how it got there, the car seemed to be really struggling:(

The garage is shut today, Ill get it sorted tommorrow