Valentino Rossi 9th fastest in F1 test at Valencia

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Valentino Rossi 9th fastest in F1 test at Valencia

Oct 7, 2004
Towcester, Northants
Faster than Coulthards Red Bull!!

Valencia-Test Tag 2. Alle Bestzeiten:
1. Alonso, Renault: 1:11,291 min.
2. Button, Honda: 1:11.327 min.
3. M.Schumacher, Ferrari : 1:11.831 min.
4. Montoya, McLaren-Mercedes: 1:11.998 min.
5. Barrichello, Honda: 1:12.062 min.
6. Kovalainen, Renault: 1:12.113 min.
7. Villeneuve, BMW-Sauber: 1:12.619 min.
8. Zonta, Toyota: 1:12.660 min.
9. Rossi, Ferrari: 1:12.856 min.
10. Coulthard, Red Bull-Ferrari: 1:12.883 min.
11. Wurz, Williams-Cosworth: 1:12.925 min.
12. Paffett, McLaren-Mercedes: 1:12.937 min.
13. Webber, Williams-Cosworth: 1:13.050 min.
14. Trulli, Toyota: 1:13.078 min.
15. Kubica, BMW-Sauber: 1:13.332 min.

damn it that guy is quick no matter what !

is he actually racing this season, or just having a test during the development and testing period :confused: been so wrapped up with work ive lost all track of things (n)
1.6 seconds of first is a quite a way, but Christ, VR is a biker!!!!

As a biker I have huge respect for Rossi, he is arguably the best motorcycle racer of all time and the rumour mill has been grinding the F1 tale for a while now so could it really happen in 2007?
he is just testing, the car he ran in is last years 3L V10 but restricted to this years regulations as some cars will be run like this, this year as they do not yet have the new 2.4L V8s.

he is fast, i think that the PR that he would creat and the money he would bring in with advertising means its only a matter of time till we see him race cars, and probably an Itailian car as well.