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Technical Uno Turbo Tuning


Feb 7, 2003
SWANSEA, United Kingdom.
Right then guys i`m about to start tuning my uno turbo but i have no idea where to get and what to get i want to be running about 150 - 160 bhp but be able to run up to 200 without blowing anything
Any help would be great
1st off is it a road car or track car and how much money do you want to throw at it?

Trust me an extensivly re-worked head alone can generate some promising figures but most effectivly used with a bigger (But not to big) Turbo unit (Garrett T25 or Mitsubishi TD04)

Items like head work are the most expensive because its the time to do the work that knocks up the price!

YOu could hit 200bhp/trq on a figure but dont expect COMPLETE realibility, you be lucky for a while and then BANG on full boost 30miles from home! (y)

Are you on Turbo mate?
No m8 i aint on Turbo m8
Its going to be a road car m8 with track day and 1/4 mile running also.
I am thinking of getting the extra 25-100 bhp from the funny gas but that will only be for short term use only. thats why i want a strong engine was really looking at flushed head up rated head gasket bigger inter cooler bigger turbo dump valve but dont know if this is the best way to tune a Uno Turbo
Hi Crayon,

Generally we don't 'bump' on this forum - that could be why you haven't had many responses ;) What I mean is, it's fine to re-start old threads, but always add something to them - not just the word 'bump'.

After all this time, surely you have *something* to update us with? :confused: Give us something to go on...

Here are some previous threads to look at (if you haven't already, that is):

How do you start?

Is 200bhp possible?

How much boost is possible?

Can the ECU be chipped? Well, no, but here is a lot more information:

Which turbocharger would be worth changing to?

Finally, some inspiration - one project...

..and, THE project! 118 pages here... that's going to take a while to read!

Maybe start a new thread and show us yours? :)

Plus - here's the results of a search for 'nos' in the Uno forum.

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i've a couple of old magazines with uno turbo tuning guides and its basically ported head, cam, hybrid turbo along with filter and exhaust and a fse to turn the fuel up and its 160bhp at the wheels.


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I will start a new thread about how i`m getting on, but it ill be a long and slow build.
Taking into account i`ve had the car nearly 6 years and its been off the road for the last 4.
I will do it now keep your eyes open in the Cinq forum