Technical Mk1 Uno Turbo Fuel Injector Options

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Technical Mk1 Uno Turbo Fuel Injector Options


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Dec 20, 2023
Hi All,

Hope you're all well. I have attempted to search this on the forum already. I apologise if it has already been posted.

In short - I've somewhat inherited an X1/9 with a Mk1 Uno Turbo 1.3 conversion.

It's a fairly sentimental vehicle and i'd quite like to at least get it running before I take a view on whether I can warrant spending on getting in roadworthy right now.

It was ran semi-regularly until around May this year. It has sat still since then I believe. I stuck a new battery on it a few weeks ago and went through some basic steps to get in running. It would turn over but not start. Instead of messing around with things that I don't yet understand, I dropped it off at a local garage (I live very rurally, so I have very few options really).

They suspect fuel injectors are the issue, but they can't source the parts themselves.

I think the correct fuel injectors for the mk1 are Bosch 0280150708. Could anyone possibly confirm if these sound correct?

Secondly, if they are correct, i'm struggling to source them. Does anyone have any recommendations for alternative injectors / none OEM that would do the job? As far as I can make out, the engine is broadly unmodified.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


According to Autodoc, they are the right injectors for the Mk1…but they’re not in stock. Have you a Bosch service center near you that you can ring?
There isn't one particularly close, but I have called a couple. No luck on stock, but they do offer cleaning / reconditioning services. I'll try that if I cannot find a replacement.

This might be a silly question - but do you know of any good online service where I may be able to cross reference the Bosch part with alternative / other brands?

I really appreciate the reply - thankyou.
I suppose putting into google is your best option…but if I want anything cross referenced, I go to the local car factors, they’re more than obliging