Technical uno turbo 1.3 ignition wiring

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Technical uno turbo 1.3 ignition wiring


Oct 20, 2018
So I am looking at renovating and tidying up the ignition loom on my uno turbo powered X1/9 and have a question.

On the ignition ECU there is a green wire on pin 23. It is not marked on the haynes manual diagrams. I traced the wire to a plug that had 3 spade connectors in a wire plastic holder.

Now I have long forgotten what this might have plugged into. Does anyone know where this wire goes and what it does?

Also on the diagnostic socket, I have a cut wire. Red and white goes to pin 8, a black wire goes to the loom, not tested but I am guessing to ground but the cut wire I have is white and black. with no sign of where it goes.

Anyone know where they go? It all seems to work, so mostly curiosity but while I am rewiring I would like to have the diagnostic socket wired up correctly, just in case I can ever find a reader for it.
It’s a long time since I did anything with an Uno Turbo engine and even longer since I looked at an UT engined sexi-Exxie
I think I gave my proper Fiat Workshop manual away
Thanks for the manual, I have it already and have looked at it in some detail.

Yeah the wire in question for pin 23 is not clearly mentioned in the workshop manual.

On page 213 or 215 it is not mentioned but on page 253 it is marked as being SN (pink/black) not green and goes to a plug which is not well labelled, but one of the other wires in the same plug says al contagiri (to the tachometer).

On mine to be clear my tachometer works fine, and the wire in question goes nowhere,

I am planning on deleting the wire, just curious where it originally went.

Don't suppose anyone has a stock 1.3 uno turbo they can trace it down on?
FYI some pics




Workshop Manual EI ECU.png
Also re the diagnostic socket notice how the above links pin 8 to socket with a black wire.

On mine there is a black wire but it goes away from the socket, red and white goes to pin 8 and the last white and black is not connected to anything. This is how I found it when I removed the insulation. Is that how it came from the factory?