Turin Olympics...

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Turin Olympics...

turboned said:
oooh look theyre on top of lingotto


Oh, who hasn't???:p
That was thirteen hundred miles over night from Morocco to see a Ferrari show on the roof of Lingotto in the world most unreliable panda!

Course I'm going to show off!!!


so is the winter olypics starting tonight or something then??

I have no idea what is happening in the wider world due to lack of TV text/reception (I can get BBC and CH4, thats it, and they are fuzzy).

Any news I should know about, i.e free mk3 sportings for every mk1 owner etc?
turboned said:
and you stood next to a FERRARI?!!! now being next to the panda...well that would have been a coup:p

After destroying the Fiat Dealers in Malaga with that panda by leaving it in gear with the engine running they where letting me no where near those cars!!!!:D