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Top Gear test track

Why a rip off? (Personally I think its ok for what it is) just because the car is cheaper does not make the experience cheaper. The safety personnel will cost the same, the track time will cost the same, the instructor will cost the same, preparing the car will cost the same so where's the rip off if the costs are the same? The cost of the car is minor compared to the rest of the costs.
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It's still a rip off. I'd take a thrilling car with actual horse power over that piece of Korean crap anyday ;).

Very possibly, but that's not what they are selling. What they are selling is to drive the car that the stars have driven, to drive on the track they drive on to be 'part of the show', however tenuous that connection is.

I'm not saying its value for money but for people that want to be part of things it's available.