Do you track your car spendings somehow?

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Do you track your car spendings somehow?


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Jun 28, 2018
I was just wondering the other day: do you guys have any preferred tools for tracking car spending (those who do this in any way)? If you do, how do you use the collected data later?

Here is my case: for quite a while now, I am writing down (just Excel) every single cost related to each car I own - be it registration fee, new turbos, wipers or final sale.
Having this data, I can at any point of time get back to what was done to the car, when and how much it costed me. I can also compare this particular car to other cars or options (new vs. used, buying vs. leasing...) in terms of cost. Finally, it is easier for me to plan personal finance when I know average spendings e.g. for repairs, mods, etc.

Am I weird, or is there more folks who do that? I would love to learn about your experience :)
No, unless the PPC £999 Challenge makes a come back or it's a forum build thread where budgeting is a point of interest I won't either. :devil:

If you add up how much you have spend on a car over a period of time before selling it you will be gutter.

Don't do it to yourself.
Did it to myself once about a year ago...Will say I didn't put wiper blades on it.

But when total costs for owning and running a 1.6 petrol family box bought 2nd hand that has never ever broken totals about 14k...I'd hate to think what a nice car would be...
Nope, I’d probably cry, needs new tyres soon £100 a corner and brakes need doing, VW quoted nearly £400 pounds for discs and pads, then of course there is the cost of the cup of tea I spat out when then told me that.
Nope, I’d probably cry, needs new tyres soon £100 a corner and brakes need doing, VW quoted nearly £400 pounds for discs and pads, then of course there is the cost of the cup of tea I spat out when then told me that.

I was similar position on mine, 330 quid parts alone for front discs and pads when Mazda quoted for them, they weren't urgent so they waited.

When it went in for 4 tyres they mentioned they needed doing, asked them how much he gave me a price off the top of his head of 150 quid with fitting. At this point I snapped his hand off..I figured they'd be getting some generic discs and pads that fit from somewhere. it's about 75-90 quid a set on line for reasonable ones so made sense with Labour as well.

Got the bill at the end of the day...discs had a 180 quid discount on them, somehow I imagine next before quoting a price on a Mazda discs he's going to check local availability and prices!
Hahaha, it probably comes down to the type of person you are :D Taking me for example: I have been always interested in how much (in general) does this or that car cost me? how much of this are repairs? and fuel? what are the average monthly spendings? average cost per mile driven? and so on.

Michael Dranfield said:
Don't even think about it,with 6 cars and a van to spend on its a full time job
That is exactly my pain point: both putting every single transaction into the spreadsheets and then aggregating the detailed data - can be really cumbersome. That is why I am looking for inspirations how to do it in a more comfortable manner. :idea:
If you sat down and worked out how but much your atcually spending you might even be wondering why you should even bother owing a car at all, last year I insured my Tipo for 12 months ,paid for 6 months road tax, took it for the mot and then drove it back and parked it up in my garage, so all together a spend of just over £300 to do 15 miles works out at about £20 a mile excluding the £5.00 worth of petrol I put in .
For my bravo I have kept every receipt (except for fuel) so it would be possible to count it up. For my 126 it's virtually impossible as the cost spread over 10 years and two cars (by that I mean some of the stuff I bought for one car I transferred to the current one)

So far I think I've spent around £1600 in nearly 4 years on the bravo for 4 new tyres, servicing and a new stainless exhaust, discs and pads all round, two front springs plus a set of wiper blades

For my 126......... I shudder to think but it'll be in the £1000s :eek:
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When we were young, impecunious, struggling to afford our first mortgage, and starting to have children (much more costly than cars and still are now, over 40years on!) We "invested" (what a travesty of the word "invest"!) In a very second hand Ford Anglia from a back street garage in Acton. A few months later she developed a big end knock (should have seen the light there and then) so me and a couple of pals lifted the engine out by hand, standing on beer crates - the old very solid wooden ones - with a big baulk of timber and some ropes (can't really believe we did that?) And I rebuilt it on the flat's kitchen table. Mrs Jock was much more tolerant in those days!

Mrs Jock, who is not from a "car obsessed" background, suggested I should keep a detailed record of what it was all costing and I then continued to keep a record of general running costs. A year later she, the Anglia that is, had to go for her MOT. Sold to me with a years MOT of course! Failed, of course, didn't it! (Notice she's now become an it!) Lots of problems but the most memorable was the sills which were completely rotten, stuffed with newspapers and skimmed over with glass fibre and filler (the garage called it "Mick". Never heard it called that anywhere else, must be a London word). Anyway we scrapped her and, having looked at the incriminating evidence of expense recorded in my book and being fearful of Mrs Jock's wrath, I also scrapped, lost that is, the record book! A few weeks later I bought a 1966 Triumph Vittesse! (There's absolutely no hope for me!) The early one with the 1600 six cylinder engine and the very lively handling characteristics produced by the swing axle rear suspension (have a read about Ralph Nader's "unsafe at any speed" condemnation of the Chevy Corvair for more on swing axle suspension and the "interesting" handling it bestows). Actually lasted us for a few years and sold on at a good price because it was a 1600 and not the more common 2 litre.

l have never attempted to keep a record of any sort related to the cost of running my many vehicles since. I do however go to considerable leangths to source quality parts at the most reasonable prices I can achieve and, of course my labour costs are pretty much zero. We run on supermarket fuel with Archoil 6900-P max additive (Mrs Jock collects the Morrisons vouchers but doesn't know I use the additive!) - Oh dear! Have I just started an additive debate? - From time to time, and always on long journeys (Edinburgh/Devon and Edinburgh/Salisbury are the two main ones) I keep a brim to brim fuel MPG check just out of interest really.

On reflection I'm really glad I don't keep records as I think if I were to know how much I've spent over the years I would immediately expire from heart failure and grief! The above is not to say though that I religiously keep detailed service and repair records in a card file in the garage along with any interesting technical data I come across which might relate to family vehicles.
I'm more or less with Jock here. By the time I was married...21 child bride :D I was working in the oil industry as a welder good money & all that. I Worked away a lot so initially we didn't need a car. My wifes mother did a lot of driving about. Money was no problem back then. When working locally I purchased daily drivers & changed when needed. Purchased decent cars for the wife & never kept tabs on the cost. My biggest regret over the years though was the amount of money I wasted on ICE systems for my cars, just not worth it, four figures easily :eek: