Snow starts in 2nd gear

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Snow starts in 2nd gear

Since the Panda had a five speed box in the late 80's the manual stated to only use first gear when the engine is cold as it's an extra low ratio to help prevent cold engine stalling.
I use second gear all year round in all my Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Lancia thirty in second and short shift straight to fifth in 30 zones. Third to thirty-fifty and short shift again in those zones.
It's how I was getting nearly fifty to the gallon in my Punto HGT.
Depends on the car, if you have tcs that doesn't deactivate then 2nd gear and any wheel slip is an instant near stall as it pulls the throttle out.

Last snow we had I had fun wondering why it refused to move in fairly shallow snow..then realised the tcs was cutting the throttle to the point there wasn't enough power for it to move off in second.

So you have a choice, use 1st and let the ecu do your throttle control or use 2nd and press the "off" button if you have one both seem reasonably similar.