The punto active sport and civic


Haven't posted any pics of the car in here before so thought i would do it now, let me know waht you think! (y)

its the 2.2 diesel, its, just had it over a month, much smoother and feels faster than the 170bhp golf tdi we had before it. ;)
Ooo the new Civic - how you finding it?
Easy, its bright red.,lol.,:p :D

love the civic, im not usually a fan of red at all but that looks well,. cant beat the interior in the new civic either huh.,
not best mates with the civic at the moment. . .

Stone chips all over the bonnet and front wings, its only done 7000 miles. Had a look online and seems the red civics are suffering from soft paint so took it to Honda who accused me dad of being a bad driver and driving too close! Even though hes had 56 cars and its never happened to any of the others. . . Honda just don't want to take responsibilty (n)