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stupid step dad


faster! FASTER!!!
May 8, 2005
just having a moan, i went to get dinner, i wanted a kebab, my step dad wanted a kebab and chips, i was told to get 1 kebab and 1 portion of chipn, so i get a small kebab for me and chips for my step dad i assume but nooo... i got 1/2 of a small kebab, and this is a tiny small kebab :mad:
"pavillion rouge" on the bath road:super huge sheep in a blanket with chips £5.50, so big, i generally share it with a mate....
Just get one for yourself then edit your sig to say "Marea Fund £414!"

Job done!

bloomfieldliam said:
Just get one for yourself then edit your sig to say "Marea Fund £414!"Liam

go on, you know you want to.......give in to the crave...:devil:
god damn it im hungry!!!! :yum: :cry:

cant go anywhere as my lil bro is ill and no one else is about... poor lil bugger. hes still stopping me from having a kebab tho!:mad:
shaun the sheep can rest easy knowing he went to a better place, fulfilling his destiny to provide me with a satisfying tasty meal, that when preceded and followed by the finests lagers from the czech republic, make me feel like the bloated god all men aspire to:

uno_94 said:
all them pics make me feel sick, how can you think dead animals look nice :yuck:
Don't worry, there isn't any real meat in a kebab....